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Massage Chair Ltd is a well established, high-quality brand with products that has engaged in massage products manufacturing and exporting since 1997. We are mainly focus on Massage Chairs, Massage Cushions, Foot Massagers, Eye Massagers, Vending Massage Chairs. We have professional research and development group and completed inspection standards. Most of our products have passed the international certifications such as CE, CB, SASO, RoHS, ETL, FCC, ISO, FDA, PSE, etc. Our products have been exported to more than 160 countries and we already sold more than 1.2 million units of massage chairs till 2018.

Our Culture :Product quality is our culture,We are concentrate on offering the best service to all of our customers as well. As such we present a professional, friendly, and trained staff to help our customers with any and all needs they may have.

Our Mission : Our vision to make available to all customers a wide range of incredible, innovative and successful massage products business. Our incredible quality products and classic modern designs, incorporated with the latest technology, will impress anyone.

Our Brand : Our brand is recognized because of our incredible design, excellent quality, and simple functionality made easy for any user. Your satisfaction is our duty.We only focus outside of creating incredible products is ensuring the best possible customer service. Our primary objective is creating the best possible experience for each customer. For this reason, it is our pleasure to take the time to assist every customer and help them find the product best fit for their market and expand their business steady and to be long term.

Our Honor : We are the top 1 chair supplier on

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