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1. Project for USA Spa Salon

Country : USA

Project : SPA Salon

Time : Aug.2011 .

Feedback : We purchase Massage Chair Multi-functional Massage Chairs for our Spa Salon Project . Its good quality and latest technology make us business last on very well . We trust Joyzone .

2.Project for Brazil FIFA World Cup

Country : Brazil

Project : FIFA World Cup

Time : Mar.2013

Feedback : We order more than 600 pcs Massage Chairs FIFA World Cup fans  in different hotels,shopping mall,etc. Good customer experience and good service make this project belauded .

3. Project for UK Big Shipping Mall 

Country : UK

Project : Big Shipping More

Time : May.2017

Feedback : For increasing our customers shipping experience , we provide Massage Chairs . Most Customers in our shopping mall like Massage Chair so much, it also increase our Human traffic. Thank you.

feedback from customer

feedback from customer

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