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  • Luxury Electric 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair Massage Chair Price with APP

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    3 Key Programs:

    Featured in extension and stretching, GEMINI uses kneading and stretching technique to relax tired muscles and keep them flexible.

    Delivers an intense massage which is more suitable for male users, DRACO targets waist extension and healthy breath,bringing utmost relief and comfort.

    Less intense relaxing massage which is more suitable for female users, ANDROMEDA performs gentle stretch and soothing massage, helping to shape body figure and promote metabolism.

    • Specifications

    1. 4D massage mechanism.
    2. Dual-core system offers sync massage for shoulder, neck, back and waist.
    3. Innovative expansive guide track.
    4. Armest quick launch control+smart voice control+pad APP Control.
    5. Smart voice control w or w/o internet connectivity. 6. Graphene ultrafast heat up technology.
    7. Three spiky rollers for under foot acupoint massage.
    7. Balanced, thorogh, and rhythmic massage sessions.
    8. Rollers massage speed adjustable. 9. Automatic extendable legrest.
    11. Rolling massage for soles.
    12. Bluetooth and APP.

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